Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oh Uncle Mike

My Uncle's surgery was today, I barely slept all night. Eliza and I skipped swim class and unfortunately her nap, and we got to the hospital at 11. My mom, sister and aunt were there as well. We waited until 1pm for them to finally take him. It was tough. He was nervous, you could tell, which only made me more nervous.

He spoke with the anesthesiologist regarding what type of sedation he wanted. They said they really didn't want to do Type A anesthesia due to his conditions(he is over weight and has to use a CPAP machine when he is asleep). My Uncle really wanted to be completely knocked out so he was bummed but knew it was best, so they agreed on Type B. 5 minutes later, the anesthesiologist said he has to be on Type A...whoa, you just said he wouldn't do well on Type A, great.

They took him away at 1pm and I decided to go home to put Eliza down. We waited and waited and waited. At 430 we got an update that they were still working. At 7 my mom called me to tell me he was done...seriously 6 hours?

Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned. Apparently(and this is through 3 phone calls so I am sure some of the info is not 100% correct) during their way from his leg, through the artery, to his brain-something happened.The DR nicked the artery as they traveled through and it started to bleed. They had to fix that immediately. They had to get other parts from a different hospital to fix the nick. This is what took so long.

Due to this unforeseen issue they never got to his brain. They never fixed the aneurysm.

So this is where we stand. After 6 hours of surgery his artery is fixed, the aneurysm is still there, and he has to do this all over again on Friday. The positive, there is always a positive, he did really well under anesthesia A, his heart looks great, and they are very confident the surgery will go well on Friday.

I am here, thanking you for all of your prayers and concern, but I am asking one more time for your support. If you could continue to pray for his current recovery and his additional surgery Friday. Pray the DR has a steady hand and that the DR knows we hold no hard feelings towards him.

I love you Uncle Michael, thank you for being so strong and brave!