Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! We had a very busy weekend around here.

We are still going strong with potty training. We used the 3 Day Potty Training method and I will do that with all of our kids. Eliza is able to tell us when she needs to use the restroom and able to hold it until we get to one. She wears big girl underwear(they are way too big, they don't make them smaller then 2t) all day but still a diaper at night. Since she is unable to get up out of her bed at night it is best she just tries to hold it but if she does have to go she doesn't soil her bed. This isn't completely in line with the method, but it is what works for us. I was very proud of her on Sunday, she was able to tell the ladies that teach her at church nursery that she needed to use the restroom. I was always worried she would only tell Mark and me since we are the ones training her. Such a big girl!

On Friday my Uncle had his 2nd of 3 surgeries. Eliza and I got to the hospital at 930 to sit with him until surgery which was scheduled for 10. Unfortunately another patient had a stroke and had to be rushed to surgery and Uncle Mike was delayed. Obviously we want that person to get immediate care so we did not mind waiting at all. By 11 we still didn't have a time for surgery and Eliza was getting tired, we had to leave to get her home to bed.
Eliza hanging out and waiting for surgery

At 130 Uncle Mike was taken into surgery. We didn't hear back until 7pm that he was out of surgery and it was successful. They were even able to do all of the procedure vs needing the 3rd surgery. At that point all I can do is give all praise to the Lord. I thank him for keeping my Uncle safe, for giving the Dr a steady hand and the knowledge to perform the procedure, and so thankful for finding the aneurysm in time.

Also on Friday, Mark Eliza and I went to visit with his family. His Aunt and Cousin are up from Florida for some festivities. In the years Mark and I have been together I have never met them so I was very excited, Facebook relationships just aren't enough! Eliza had a blast playing with them and Mark loved catching up. I can't believe I didn't take any pictures(I think I was preoccupied thinking of Uncle Mike) but I know they took a lot.

Saturday morning I got up early and went to visit with my Uncle. He was asleep and only talked to me for about 5 minutes but those 5 minutes were the best. To see he was still cognitively up to speed, and aware of everything going on really settled my heart. He will be back to himself in no time!

When I got back from the hospital we played for a while then it was time for Eliza to nap. While she was sleeping I made her a dress. She was invited to her first birthday party! It was a Minnie Mouse theme and I knew she had to match. We went to the party for a few hours and Eliza had a blast. She doesn't socialize with kids very often so she was in Heaven! They had a bounce house and slide, a pool filled with water balloons, a bubble maker, a pinata, and lots of food! Once home we just lounged around and had an early bed time.

Sunday morning came bright and early with a trip to Church. I am happy that 2 girls have joined Eliza in her nursery room. I felt bad that she was in there all alone. She is the oldest, and the girls are quite young, but at least she gets some interaction. We spent the rest of Sunday hanging out and working on the house. It was nice to just stick around the house.

How was your weekend? Anything good?