Saturday, August 25, 2012

Oh Sleep

A full nights sleep, HALLELUJAH! This is the first time in a week Eliza slept all night. I know she needed it, and I sure did too.

We had a tough day on naps yesterday. People wanted to see the house from 11-12, Eliza naps from 11-2 each day. When I agreed for them to come I knew it was her nap time, but I knew I needed people to look at the house.

We left at 11 and drove around for an hour. She was so sad and really wanted to go to bed, I wish I could get her to sleep in the car. We drove to the new neighborhood, what we usually do, and it was a little bittersweet. I saw about 3 or 4 basements being dug and foundation being poured, I was really hoping we were going to be that far along by now.

When we got back at 12 the family was still there. I asked the neighbor if they had been there the whole time she said Yes. This is great for selling the house, not so much for a sleepy baby. I ended up driving in circles in the neighborhood until 1230 when they finally left.

When we got in the house Eliza was ready to party, she felt nap time was no longer needed....I disagreed. She decided not to nap, which was not fun at first, but then my sister came over and that definitely helped. She was able to wear her out and by 5 Eliza was napping. She woke up when Mark came home and we had dinner and went for a walk.

We haven't heard anything from the people who looked at the house. I am hoping if they spent an hour and a half here it was because they were interested. It turns out, they are friends with my neighbors next door. She came and told me that they told her they really liked it. Hopefully this is a good sign.

Eliza has been in a much better mood these past few days. Her favorite thing, like always, is to play with Z!!
She kept telling him "ride" she wanted a piggy back ride

I also found the issue with my tire...ugh


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It is so difficult and stressful to try to sell a house with kids. Between trying to keep the messes under control and them calling with very little notice. . . it's crazy. I hope these people are the ones! What a cutie your daughter is!
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