Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pretty Please?

One of my favorite Facebook pages, Lil Light O' Mine, is hosting a contest and Eliza and I entered. The contest is to encourage moms to be in more of the pictures they take of their kids. I submitted a photo of Eliza and I from the 4th of July Parade we had here in town. Her face is priceless, it was as soon as she saw the horses coming down the road. We are in the "Moments to Freeze" category.

Unfortunately, Eliza and I are currently in last place!!(I know, I can't believe it either). So if you have a moment, could you follow this photo(just click on the picture) and "like" it for me?

Lil Light O' Mine is a great company that empowers mothers and children. I love their Christian values and how they reassure me I am not failing. One of my FAVORITE things about them are their scripture cards! I mentioned them in March, I put them in Eliza's Easter basket. We read a new scripture card each day, trying to remind her the core meaning of being a good person.

Thanks for helping us out, I will be sure to share the info on the prize if we end up winning. If we don't, I am still happy that I got to jump in this photo with my little bug