Thursday, August 2, 2012


I am so frustrated right now! Yesterday we got a call regarding a buyer wanting to see the house, great! They gave us an appointment time and we agreed to be out of the house.

This morning Eliza and I went to go watch the Lions practice. When we arrived Eliza got sick in the car and started off our morning on a sour note. Once we made it home I rushed her to bed so I could clean and prepare. The tile guy came and worked like a mad man to get it ready and clean for the showing.

I had to wake Eliza up from her nap to load up the car with her and Zander and be out of the house.

We went and took a trip to the potential new house(the builder cut the grass so we could see the land better). We hung out and ran around and then drove back to the house. I drove by and no one was there, perfect.

I came in the house and no one had been here!!!! How RUDE. What a waste of my time and money. I called our agent who contacted the buying agent. They found a house yesterday and didn't need to see anymore houses. Common courtesy, call and cancel your other appointments.

It is taking everything in me to not call the agent and tell her how rude that was.

We have another showing tomorrow, I might just wait at the house until they show up so I don't waste my time again!

On a better note, here is Eliza and Zander playing on the lot in the new neighborhood.