Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sick Little Duck-Weekend Update

We have a sick little duck here today. To say I am exhausted is the biggest understatement. I think I got a total of 2.5 hours of sleep last night...not in a row. Eliza was up all night BURNING up and crying. Mark had to make a run to the store at midnight because we were out of tylenol. She is still not feeling well, not sleeping well, and just pitiful. Poor thing even fell asleep on the potty. I never want to wish her sick, but I am eating up how cuddly she is.

Unfortunately, we are going to miss the Circus we planned to go to. It really made me realize how God has everything planned. We were going to go Friday but then found out there was a Sunday show, so instead of Mark rushing home from work we changed plans. Friday I called the township offices of the town that was holding the Circus to check they still had tickets, they did. I drove all the way there to buy them in advance and save some money. When I got there they realized they didn't have them anymore. I was beyond frustrated but all I could do was head home. God clearly had a plan, he knew we wouldn't be able to go today because of E being sick, so he didn't want us to waste the money on the presale tickets. Thanks big guy!

So today is a lazy day. I made a trip to Target this morning to get Eliza a few supplies and just take a break from the tears. They are starting to pull out their fall kids clothes. Oh my word, they are cute! Between Target, The Childrens Place(they mismarked the cutest shirts, SCORE), Gymboree and my Facebook buying, she is set for fall and if only I could stop buying the cute stuff! I will have to do What I Wore Wednesday with her again soon!

Shirt and pants from The Childrens Place

Yesterday, before she got sick, we had a great day. She woke up early and I went to get her. Once she is up and moving she likes to go say hi to Mark while he is still sleeping. She climbed up into the bed and he said "Good Morning" like he always does, in the sweetest little voice she said "morning", we both melted. Her vocabulary is growing daily, she repeats everything you say. We headed to the Melon Festival near buy and looked at all the tents of stuff. Nothing too exciting but nice to get out of the house. Eliza even got her face painted for the first time, not bad for free and a wiggly worm!

 I have decided to make Eliza Oscar the Grouch for Halloween. I have finished her costume and it is ADORABLE, if I do say so myself!

Eliza has a new obsession, her backpack. I bought it a few weeks ago to take things to and from the nursery at Church. The day I got it, not a all. Then on Tuesday she found it in her closet and they are now inseparable.

I ordered Eliza some squeaker shoes too, they came in the mail the other day and she loves stomping around the house in them, she says there are ducks in her shoes. Gosh she kills me!

No news on the house, I am pretty bummed. The house across the street sold, ugh! It was a completely different house and price point so I understand, but still frustrating. We only have a few more weeks left on our deposit for the land. If we don't have an offer on our house by then we are going to have to give it up. I will be heartbroken, but I'll try to understand he has something better planned for us.

Well, I am off to try to sneak in a nap before Eliza wakes back up. Hope you all had a good weekend!