Monday, August 20, 2012

Sleepless Nights

My night was spent getting up and down again, mostly because her pacifier(yep, I gave it back) kept falling out of her crib.

My day has been spent running(literally) up the stairs every time I hear the first whimper. Rocking in the rocking chair I spent so many nights in when she was a baby, and begging her to eat, drink and take her medicine.

Having a sick child just might be the worst thing in the world. I don't care about the sleep, I can't sleep knowing she is sick anyway. I don't care that I have spent another day in my pajamas. I don't care about the pile of dishes, the half eaten meals, or spilled milk that is all over the house. All I want is for her to feel better.

Trying to reason with a 19month old baby isn't easy, reasoning with a sick one is impossible.

She hates the taste of the medicine so she starts to gag and choke. It then comes back out and I have no clue how much she actually swallowed.

I think the most pitiful moment was when she woke up this morning. She heard the dog downstairs and thought that it was Mark. She went running into our room and said "Hi" to his side of the bed, but he was at work. She thought he was hiding under the blankets so she picked them up and said "Peek-A-Boo". She then realized he wasn't there and started to cry, I felt terrible.

If there is any silver lining on these terrible storm clouds, it came yesterday. I laid Eliza down to sleep and kissed her and said goodnight like I always do. As I shut the door I said "love you" she rolled over and looked at me and said "love you". That was the first time she said that to me. My heart burst...fireworks and explosions type of burst.

I love you Prinny! I hope you feel better soon, we have so many fun things to do.