Friday, August 24, 2012

The Ball Is Rolling

...maybe I need it to slow down just a bit?

I know I know, all I have complained about is the fact that no one wants to see our house, and then in 24 hours we get requests for 5 showings. WHOA. I am not complaining AT ALL, it just didn't come at the best time. The house was a disaster from having a sick kiddo.

Wednesday we decided we are going to do an open house on Saturday for everyone to come see, hopefully not just looky-lus but people who really are interested. Then Wednesday night we got a call for a showing Thursday night, sure no problem. My Uncle was coming over Thursday morning to fix a leaky drain(seriously it has to start the week Eliza is sick) so it would work out good. Then while I was painting and fixing things up, the calls started coming in. One for Friday, one for Sunday, one for Monday. Then at 351 someone called...they wanted to come at 4!! Shut up, you want to come in 10 minutes??? I understand, I am the minority with the fact that I stay home with E all day. I know most people have to work and so no one is home during the day, but 10 minutes??

I told them they needed to at least give me until 430 so I could get out, they agreed. I ran around like a MAD MAN trying to clean everything. Of course, Eliza and I had just taken showers so I had to get us both ready too. Right at 430 I got to the car and loaded E and Z in. I noticed the realtor pulling up, waved and hopped in. DING DING DING, a light going off on my dashboard..."tire pressure low, level at 10" SERIOUSLY?? My tired pressure is supposed to be 32 on my car, and it is 10??? I will say, it is slightly my fault. My tire pressure has been wonky the past few days, but with E sick I haven't had time to take it in. I had to set up my tire pump and wait 5 minutes for it to fill. Luckily the realtor was very understanding, and his clients weren't even there yet.

Mark Eliza Z and I went to the park and had dinner(it was quite the site) while we waited for the showing to be done. There were 2 back to back so we didn't get home until 730. I am pleased to say they both really liked the house and put them on their "maybe" list. That might not be SOLD but hey, that is better then the 3 showings that said no!

So here I sit, getting ready to pack up for the showing today, hopefully this will be the one...if not maybe the one on Sunday or Monday.

Eliza is starting to feel better. We have stopped they Tylenol and Motrin and just letting her fight it off. The blisters are still popping up, but they don't seem to bother her too much. She is HUNGRY. For not eating for a few days she is trying to catch up. On Wednesday she sat in her highchair for an hour and a half eating an entire can of Spaghetti-os(all she asked for while she was sick, so weird) and 4 sippy cups of water. She ate them all with her hand instead of a spoon, and was a complete disaster afterwards but I was just thankful she ate!!

Here are two videos of her from yesterday. The first one is her saying Uncle Mike. She calls my sister Mimi and her husband Gigi and I guess Uncle Mike is now Ike Ike...she has a thing for rhyming names I guess.

Eliza and I were sitting outside and she asked if she could take the dog for a walk. She was so proud of herself. She kept saying "Walk Z!!"