Saturday, September 29, 2012

21 Months

You crack yourself up

It is starting to get weird to refer to you in months Eliza. When I say 21 months, people look at me like I am crazy and have to think about it. My aren't 2 yet, I don't want you to be 2 yet, but you sure aren't 1.5 any more. I just don't know what to refer to you as, 1.75???

You are changing SO much lately, I feel like you are growing up so fast. You are saying a lot of 2-3 word phrases. My favorite is "I Love You". You have been saying it for a while but now it is audible to people besides me. I have come in the room and found you telling Zander that you love him, it melts me.

Here are a few new words:
  • Ketchup(you dip EVERYTHING in it, currently you are dipping apples, yuck)
  • Bless you
  • Prayers
  • Welcome(when someone says thank you)
  • Super
  • Good(when you eat something you like)
  • Football(you ask me to turn it on and I LOVE that)
  • Church
  • Minnie Mouse(your obsession)
  • Dance
  • Ginny(your dance teachers name)
  • Head and Shoulders(the dance you do at class)
I am sure some of these are repeats, but these are the ones I hear all day long.

You have been having trouble sleeping lately. You wake up about 1130 crying to eat. I take you to the kitchen and you don't want to eat anything. I am starting to feel some swelling on your molars, I am thinking maybe those are coming in and that is your way of expressing the pain.

You are doing great with potty training still. You only use a diaper at nap and night time.

You are still pretty thin. We are in 12-18 shirts and dresses and 9-12 pants. The 12 month pants fit in length but you need little suspenders for your tiny waist. I bought ahead when clothes were on sale last winter and I think you will miss out on wearing quite a bit of it, all too big...who knows, maybe you will fit in them next winter.

You are doing great at swim class again, you get upset if you have to go under water but we have a talk about how you are a big girl and can do it. Then while you are under the water you look for say you see them!

Dance class is blowing me away! You go in there like you own the place. Your coordination has improved 10 fold since starting class. You love to come home and practice. You do log rolls around the family room and line things up to jump over them. You even grab your bears to dance with them. You have made a friend at dance named Abby. I went to highschool with her mom. I hope you two can become friends.

I gave in and cut your hair on the 26th. I only cut your little rat tail in the back, but I did cry. Your hair looks so much better though, I am glad I did it.

You have been SO funny lately. We were at the park the other day and it was really windy. You put your hands up and kept saying "woaaaahhh" and walking backwards like the wind was blowing you. I about died.

Your first time on a big girl swing

Lately it is getting cold here and you love to tell us that you are chilly. Your favorite thing to do is climb inside my robe or sweatshirt with me. You poke your little head up through the head hole and just lay on me. You think you are so funny.

This was after mommy cut your hair and straightened it

I know Papa watches over you everyday

Eliza Marie you are my joy. You are my best friend. You are the reason I strive to be a better person everyday.

I Love you