Friday, September 7, 2012

Dance Dance Dance

Well, it didn't go well. There were a lot of tears, a lot of screaming, and a lot of scared looks.

Daddy came to watch

When we got to dance class she was very excited. She was watching the big girl dancers in another room and met up with her friend Abby. She was silly and happy.

Then it was time for class...the little girls all lined up and went into class, the door shut. I hid, hoping she wouldn't notice I wasn't there. Then the looks started and the panic. Then I could hear her "potty! potty!"...her escape word. Any time she doesn't want to do something or is scared she says she has to go potty.

A few minutes later the teacher's assistant was escorting Eliza out saying she needed to go potty. I had failed to tell them of her escape plan. I took her to the side and let her calm down then took her back in. I was trapped. When I would try to make it out the door she would turn on the water works. I decided to just stay in there.

She did fairly well, but anytime the teacher talked to her or came near her she would climb up me like a monkey. I have the scratch marks to prove it...note to self, file her nails before class.

I would stand by her then slowly work my way back to the wall. She even held this little ones hand, she actually refused to let go of it. It was really sweet

Luckily, Mark came to watch and was able to still get some photos of her. They let her and Abby stay in class afterwards to get used to it and have some fun...they sure did.

This definitely was not the dance class experience I pictured. Her stranger danger is on high alert lately. We are going to try again next week, hopefully she will feel better. We went to watch some of the older dancers today and they even let Eliza into the class room she uses to hang out and feel comfortable...they won her over with a new sticker too!