Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Hope You Dance....

Eliza starts dance class tomorrow. We decided to stop doing gymnastics and try out dance. There is a local gymnastics facility that allows you to drop in during open time so we will keep on it that way a few times a month.

Dance...I danced growing up but stopped after a few years, I always regretted it. I love dancing, I am not good but it is just so fun. Eliza loves to dance around the house, specifically on the couch or bed, they are her stage. I figured a dance class would be a good outlet for her.

I am pretty sure my vision of dance class, and what will really happen is quite different. I think I forget sometimes that she is only 19 months, not 4. I picture her in a perfect pink tutu(check), her hair in a bun(yeah, not long enough) and perfect posture. Lining up against the ballet bar, a beautiful arabesque and a cute little wave at me through the window.
I could get her to pose like this right?

I am a wreck. This will be the first time Eliza goes into a class by herself. With swim and gymnastics I am at her side. On Wednesday morning Eliza will walk into the class without me. I have no clue how she will do. I know I will have to keep my emotions in check so I do not worry her. Once that door closes, the tears will flow.

I hope the other moms understand. This might not be their babies first class(I am assuming Eliza will be the youngest) so hopefully they remember this feeling.

The feeling isn't sadness though. It is an overwhelming since of pride. My baby out there doing something out of her comfort zone, out of my comfort zone. Trying something new.

I want to give her the opportunity to try whatever she wants(OK, no toddlers and tiaras though). I want her to have a passion, whatever it might be. I want to be the mom front and center cheering her on. I want to encourage her, practice with her, and giver her all the support she needs.

I just want her to be happy.

So here goes nothing, a new adventure in the books, a new first, and my baby growing up just a little bit more...

Found this on pinterest, I will be doing this with her first dance shoes!!