Thursday, September 20, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Being sick is never fun, but I never realized how hard it would be when you have a kid. Eliza is good playing on her own, but if she sees me lay down she is a magnet to me. It took a few days but we are both feeling better.

This past week has been crazy. We decided to take our house off the market on Monday. Things were slowing down and we decided we wanted to start concentrating on other things. We figured we will put the house back up for sale in the spring.

On Wednesday our realtor called. Someone who had looked at the house wanted to come look again and put in an offer. I didn't know what to say or do. Of course I want to sell the house, but we had already canceled out deposit on the land, and I had moved on from the thought. Well, I decided to let them come. I was feeling as though there was a reason it was all happening. After being sick for days though the house was in less then stellar shape so I cleaned while I bribed Eliza with Angelina Ballerina.

As of now we don't know what their plan is. They are attempting to get preapproved(again) to make an offer. As of right now, I am not putting much weight on it. To be honest I am not really interested as we were moving on for now.

On Tuesday we went to swim class, we got all the way there, 45 minutes away, to realize I forgot all of our swim stuff at home, my brain was still sick I guess.

Wednesday I took Eliza to dance. I wasn't sure how it would go but I couldn't have been more proud of her. The first week, she was really upset, last week she walked in then started crying so I came in with her and sat in the corner to watch. This week she ran in all by herself and never looked back. She looked out the window and waved to me but just kept on dancing. It was such an amazing moment. She was so proud of herself, and so were Mark and I.

The biggest news of the week came today. I have set up a date for my Ashermans surgery. Mark and I discussed it and after much research, and great advice from AS friends, I have decided to travel to Boston for the surgery. One of the top surgeons in the US works there and it is worth it to us. With Ashermans you really only get one chance at a good surgery, so we are going for it.

In October Mark and I will drive out there. Luckily it is a quick surgery, he does it in office and you don't have to be under anesthesia so I will be able pack up and come right back home. Hopefully just about a 36 hour trip.

I am sitting here right now counting the hours until bed time. I am exhausted and Mark is working late tonight so I am a single mom for the day...who knew the few hours he is home really changes my day. Not discounting what he does, just never realized 2 hours was a big deal!

So that was a very quick update on the week we have had. Hopefully I will have more information on it all soon! 

While making dinner she asked if she could rub my feet...I couldn't break her heart and say no.

She went on her first carnival ride

Just watching Doc McStuffins

Just playing with stickers

Loving on her Ike Ike(Great Uncle Mike)

Loving on her friend after dance, they both wanted to wear their hoodies

Stlin' in her all red and white Minnie Mouse outfit