Thursday, September 6, 2012

Still A Battle

I have not mentioned it lately, mostly because there is nothing more to talk about, but I am still battling with my Asherman's Syndrome.

Mark and I still have not set a date for my surgery but we know it will be this year. With the insane amount of money we had to pay for my last procedure, and Eliza's eye surgery, we met our deductible in 2 weeks.

I am so confused on which DR to use. I have the DR who diagnosed me who comes highly recommended by my Aunt, I have an AS friend who used her and liked her, and she is very nice. Then there is another DR my AS friend recommends and likes his bedside manner and his staff better. I just don't know who to choose.

With AS you kind of only get one shot. Yes, you can have follow up procedures, but your first surgery is going to set the tone for how your body reacts.

I recently wrote a letter to the OBGYN that caused my AS. I haven't sent it, and I am not sure I will, but it felt good to get out how I was feeling. I don't want anything from it, I just want them to be more aware of the risks and hopefully prevent this heartache from happening to someone else.

Seeing Eliza interact with kids more, and babies, really makes me long for a sibling for her. She is so sweet and compassionate, she has so much love to give. I feel like she is at the age that will really blossom with a brother or sister.

I have friends who have had two children since I had Eliza, and I have some who say they aren't ready at all for the second, but I am. I am ready to be mommy to 2, to buy Eliza "big sister" shirts, and to see all the love she can give.

I am ready...