Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halloween Flashback

 Here is a look back of some Halloween crafts I made last October. Hope you Enjoy

I made a quick trip to Salvation Army the other day to look for inspiration for a few more crafts before Halloween comes and goes. I found some canning jars for .50 and a plate display stand, also .50. Here is what I came up with.

The plate display stand works great with canvas pictures. I grabbed this canvas 11x14 at Joanns for $5. I cut out the vinyl stencil using Cricut Word Collage cartridge. I laid the stencil down and painted in my colors. I allowed it to dry over night and tada!

The canning jars were super easy. I came home and washed them, painted the lids white, and filled them with candy corn. I cut out the word candy with my Alphabet cartridge and put the vinyl on. I tried to mod podge over it so they stayed on better but you could see where it was on the glass so I washed it off.

Here is a Halloween Countdown I made, come back Tuesday as I will do Tutorial Tuesday on this countdown!!

Last, but certainly not least, how cute is this vest?! It is Janie and Jack, I just love it!! Perfect for the fall days in Michigan.

Do you have any last minute decorations you are trying to finish?