Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Last Year

OK, I was wrong. Here is one more Halloween throwback. We will be going to Legend of Sleepy Howell again this year so I wanted to compare. Here she is last year....

As my mom once said, it doesn't matter if she will remember, the memories are for you. Today we went to the local Halloween block party in our town. It has costume contests, a hay maze, and the business' pass out candy. I really wanted to take Eliza, first, for the memories, second to get more use out of her costume.

When we got there it was a bit overwhelming. I don’t do well with inconsiderate people, when they cut you off, or cut in line. I understand my daughter doesn’t really “get” what is going on, but I do and that doesn’t mean your child gets to go before us in line. We also had a comment from a woman passing out candy. Eliza was holding her basket out and I said “Trick-or-Treat”, the woman looked through her basket and said she couldn’t find any candy suitable for a baby and asked the other worker. She said “No, I don’t have anything for a baby but I can’t believe you would be giving candy to a baby.” Really ma’am? Do you think I am giving her the candy? Of course not! I was just trying to do the whole experience.  After that we kind of just kept to ourselves, showed her around and took some pictures. 

Next year will be a lot of fun. She will be able to walk, play in the hay, and hopefully by then I will have more patience for other people. Until then enjoy the pictures! What will you and your little ones be for Halloween?