Monday, October 22, 2012

One Week

Holy Moly. One week from today will be my surgery! I feel like I am forgetting something. Just not sure what.

We have the hotel set, even got a discount for being a patient at the hospital, car rental will be done tomorrow. I requested all of my health records to be faxed and we updated our life insurance.

That was tough.

The thought of something happening to either of us breaks my heart, but for something to happen to both of us...destroys me. I know it is safer to fly then drive, but the cost-and my anxiety, just doesn't work for us. Eliza isn't at an age that she would remember us, all she would have is video and photos...OK enough of that.

I know Eliza will be in good hands with my Sister and Brother in Law, she LOVES them.

It will be a quick trip, hopefully just about 48 hours and a lot of driving. Praying we make it back for Halloween...and that I feel up to taking her out.

I have all of my after care ready to go. I will be doing a post all about this when we get back. I have a great sponsor who has provided everything I need for my after care!

One week from today our whole life WILL change.

Sorry this is a bit all over the place, I think my mind is racing! Prayers are ALWAYS appreciated.