Monday, November 5, 2012

22 Months

Eliza, I am sorry, I am a bit behind on your monthly post. We have been a bit busy :)

You turned 22 months on the 29th of October. Unfortunately Daddy and I were in driving most of the day, and only made it home to say goodnight to you.

This month you stayed with Mimi overnight at our house for the first time. You woke her up at 3 am, like you do me :)

You are starting to like a few new characters. Thomas the train is a new favorite, alone with Cinderella and Caillou. You got your first train and insisted on sleeping with it.

We celebrated Halloween before we went to Boston and you LOVED walking around saying Trick or Treat. You always said thank you when someone gave you candy, I was a very proud mommy.

You have started to say No, Thank you and Yes, Please. I love how polite you are, you don't even need to be reminded.

You love to say hi to anyone that goes by...usually multiple times. You love other kids, especially older

The weather is starting to get a little cold here so we have been trying to get out a few more times before the snow hits.You love to go to the park and see the fish, you try to feed them sticks.

You are doing great with your alphabet, we have been hearing you say "XYZ" a lot when you are alone. You are practicing!

You are still not much of an eater. I am not sure what to do about it, but the DR has always said you are growing fine so it is ok.

We haven't been to the dr lately but I would assume you are about 25lbs and about 35inches.

You are still wearing diapers at night but wear your big kid underwear during the day.

You are still in 12-18month clothing, you are just so thin!

You have become very affectionate with us. You love to hold hands or lean on us when we sit on the couch.

You love to do my makeup, and your own. I think that is your favorite part of the day. In the car you ask for makeup, that means you want our chapstick to put on your lips.

You tell us you want a baby sister or brother. I hope we can give that to you one day!

You tell me about your friends, Henry Mason Ani and Abbey. You ask me where they are a lot and if I tell you we are going to dance or swim you yell "Yaaay Friends!"

Eliza Marie, you are turning into such a beautiful, intelligent, friendly, and loving little girl. No longer my baby, I am so proud of the toddler you are. Our days get better and better the more you are able to communicate and your little personality comes out. There is not a single thing I would change about you, not even the 3am wake up calls, it just gives me an extra minute to snuggle and kiss you.

I love you my Prinny!!