Thursday, November 29, 2012

23 Months

I can't believe it, one more month and you will be 2. You have been telling everyone you are 2 for the past...9 months but now you really are going to be 2.

We have started to plan your birthday party. Daddy came up with the BEST idea, I can't wait for you to see!

You are still wearing 12-18m clothing, pants need to be 18-24m for the length but the waste falls down.

Still doing great with potty training

You are getting your top molars right now and having a tough time sleeping. I hope they come in all of the way soon!

You are doing a great job with letters, numbers and colors. You like O XYZ and S...9 2 and 6...Blue and Pink

You have started to get upset again at dance class. Yesterday when we were on our way you said "mommy I cry at dance". It broke my heart. But you were right, you sure cried. Ms. Ginny helps distract you and you do better.

You are loving all of your friends. You love to ask where they are. I hope they all can come to your party.

Funny things you say:

Oh that hurt, OK all better

I can do it, I DID IT

I don't know

Wait for me!


You grab our hand and say Lets go, I'll show you

One day you heard the shower and thought it was Daddy. You said "oh daddy!" and I told you no he was at work, you said "Mommy, Daddy home please". It was so sweet but broke my heart

If you are playing with a toy and I ask you who gave it to you, you will say Mimi, or whomever, and then yell Thank you MIMI!!!! Even if you have had the toy for weeks and the person isn't at our house

You pretend EVERYTHING is a phone. You always grab it and say "Hello, Thomas?" You love Thomas the Train

You are CRACKING us up with a fake sneeze you do, it is great.

We went on our first trip to Huckleberry Railroad last weekend. This will be a new Christmas tradition the weekend after Thanksgiving. You LOVED the train, you thought you were riding Thomas. You got to talk to Santa and he gave you a "candy". You took a picture with a reindeer and rode the fastest carousel I have ever been on.

To say that was a perfect night would never describe it enough. I pray to have many more nights like that with you.

Eliza, you are my best girlfriend, the light of my life, the peanut butter to my jelly. Don't ever change. Your loving heart, your warm smile, no one is better.

On our way to Huckleberry!

Oh how you loved this Polar Bear. You danced with him in the street to the band

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Enjoying her candy from Santa