Thursday, November 1, 2012

Boston and Back

Well, here it goes...our trip to Boston for my surgery. I lay it all out if you don't want all the details of surgery, it is best not to read it.

As you saw in previous posts, I was pretty worried about the hurricane canceling our trip. Luckily, we didn't see any of the severe weather that hit the east coast.

We started out very early Sunday morning. My heart was broken to leave Eliza, it hurt even more that I couldn't say goodbye. We left at 6 a.m. and I knew it wouldn't be right to wake her. My sister was there with her and I knew they would have a blast.

I'll be honest, our trip there was incredibly uneventful. The ride is easy, long, and not much to look at. We have drove down south a few times, the mountains are scary to drive through, but at least they are pretty.

We had a bit of a snaffu getting to our hotel. Apparently there are a few Newton Rds in that town and we were at the wrong one. By this time it had really started to rain and it was getting difficult to see in the dark. It was pretty stressful after being in the car for 13 hours. We made it in at about 830 and we were able to check in and head right up to our room. The hotel was only about 10 minutes from the hospital and we got a discount for being a patient, it was a beautiful hotel.

We were able to FaceTime with Eliza as soon as we got to our room. She was WIRED. She was having so much fun with her Mimi and Gigi! It was great to see her, but sure made me miss her. We both took showers and ordered delivery so we didn't have to go back out in the rain. We ate pasta in our pjs, watched the depressing World Series, and headed to bed at 10.

Neither of us slept very well, we had some loud neighbors and the weather started to pick up over night. I woke up at 3 a.m. thanks to my internal clock knowing Eliza would be awake...I was right.

6 a.m. came quickly and we got ready, packed up our room, and headed to the hospital. Like I said, only a 10 minute drive which was wonderful. We parked and wandered around the hospital for a while...we had a tough time finding his office but made it there right on time at 730.

After the normal check in we waited a bit and then they called me back. Mark decided to wait in the lobby while I went back. They asked me the normal questions about my history and family history. A few minutes later a knock at the door...Mark must have been lonely(or wanting to be supportive) and came into the room.

A little while later the AMAZING Dr Isaacson came in. We discussed my D&C, and also my HSG and what his thoughts were. He agreed from the charts that I had Ashermans syndrome but was very confident that we could treat it. I must say, I have been to A LOT of Drs in my life, but there is something about him that is incredibly calming and confident. He truly seems to care. He didn't rush me through anything, explained things very well, and reassured me we would be OK.

From his office I went to get an ultrasound. Mark decided to go wait in the lobby again...I think his nerves were confusing him :)

During the ultrasound Dr Isaacson was looking at my endometrial lining. He was looking for spaces where it was missing, and also the thickness. As I laid there, watching his face, I was pretty nervous. He was making some faces, typing some codes, and printing pictures. I was sure it was bad news. When he was done he told me we had some great news. I had NO scarring in my uterus, it was all in my cervix. He said my lining was perfect for where I was in my cycle and that he was confident this would all work out.

We then moved into the surgical room, it was connected to the ultrasound room so it was nice to just waddle through a door.

A nurse prepped me for the surgery. She explained that I was in complete control over the surgery. If I was in any pain that I could not handle that I needed to speak up immediately so they could stop. She explained that I would have a tube of saline inserted in me and would flow the entire time he was working. She said it is to keep the uterus open. Again, she told me that I was in complete control and to speak up.

Dr Isaacson came in and reiterated what the nurse said, and we began. A t.v. screen is next to the bed so I was able to watch the whole surgery. To be honest, I had NO clue what I was looking at. The pain..was intense. I was instructed to take a Motrin 800 before surgery, I can't imagine the pain if I hadn't taken that. I wish I could describe it. It is a cramping pain, but to be honest, just like child birth, I have already forgot what it felt like.

The nurse was wonderful and kept asking me how I was doing and if I needed to stop, I didn't. I kept breathing, reciting the scripture my Pastor gave me, and thinking of how far we had already come.

After about only 5 minutes Dr Isaacson said we were done. He asked if I wanted to see everything and I figured why not. On the t.v. he showed me where my scarring used to be and how it was gone. He was able to show me my uterus completely open and neither of my tubes being blocked.

They had me lay for a bit with a heat pack on my stomach and continued to check in on me. He printed off photos for me to keep...before and after...what a souvenir :)

He told me that he does not feel my scarring was bad enough to need the normal follow up care. He didn't prescribe me any hormones, didn't insert a stent or a balloon, and told me there was no need for me to come back to Boston. He does want me to follow up with a GYN in 2 and 4 weeks to do a cervical probe to make sure I did not scar again.

He gave us the go ahead to start trying for Eliza's sibling. How exciting!!

We left from the hospital and came straight home. I was feeling pretty good. The pain was minimal and they gave me a few heat packs for the road. The drive was horrendous. The winds were moving the car and the rain was blinding. There were a few times we contemplated stopping for the night but I am glad we didn't, we got freezing rain the next morning.

We made it home at about 1015 and let my sister go home. I am sure she was more exhausted then we were! We headed straight upstairs to kiss our little munchkin goodnight. We accidentally woke her up and gave her lots of snuggles. I found a Clifford stuffed animal at the hospital gift shop so we slipped that into bed with her.(side note...the next morning she didn't remember us coming home and she was telling me how her Mimi got her a Clifford. UGH)

So here we sit, back to our normal life. Mark stayed home all week with me in case I needed anything. We are playing, going to dance and swim, and just enjoying our time together.

I will do a follow up post on my recovery supplies I received from Natural Fertility Shop soon. I will show you them in action and then hopefully soon we will be able to tell you how successful they are!!

Thank you everyone for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. This has been a journey almost 2 years long. I am hoping we have finally found the light at the end of the tunnel.


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I'm glad everything went well. And that you escaped any real bad weather from Sandy. What great news that you can start trying again. Yay! XOXO

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thanks for sharing your story. I would like to ask how long after your procedure did this happen (the doctor said that was ok to try again?). Just did the Operative Hysteroscopy last Monday... nervous to know when I can finally start to try to get my baby (lost the first one and had a D&C). Thanks\

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Thank you so much! Hopefully we will have baby 2 soon so I can start some new baby projects!

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My D&C was January 2011 I was diagnosed April 2012 and I had my Hysteroscopy October 2012. He told me I could try immediately. I do have to have 2 follow up appointments(one next Monday) to make sure my cervix is still open. The fact that my scarring was only in my cervix the threat of miscarriage is pretty much nonexistent(from ashermans), that may be why I was given the go ahead right away.

Who did your surgery? Are you familiar with