Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Cheer

Trying to find Christmas and birthday gifts for Eliza is tough, this child basically owns Toys R Us. I am working VERY hard on not buying her too much, I know what type of child that will create. I feel like I end up over buying due to the fact that her birthday and Christmas are 4 days apart. I am buying for 2 events then when I look at how much I have I am shocked. I also LOVE a sale. When things are on sale, especially clearance, I have to snag them! Again, that adds up quickly!

Here are a few of the bigger items we got her this year:

A leappad1. I wasn't going to get her a system this year, but there was a good sale so I couldn't pass it up. We still need to get some gift cards for the online applications so she can get some more games. They are currently on sale for $15 for a $20 card on Amazon

I actually bought this last year about a week or two after Christmas. It was on super sale so I snagged it and have kept it stored until this year. I am SO glad I got it for her. She is in LOVE with trains right now, it is perfect. I think this will be our Christmas Eve project to get it set up.

Eliza LOVES to sing into a microphone. We had a little Fisher Price radio she could sing with but it broke. I figured this will last longer and she could put in all of her CD's and sing along with Elmo, Princesses  and more!

What were some of your must have items for the kiddos this year?