Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Valentine's Flashback

 Putting away Christmas decor made me start to think of Valentine's day. I LOVED this little mailbox for Eliza. Looking back, I can't believe how much has changed in a year. Check out this fun tutorial!

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking in for another Tutorial Tuesday! This week I am going to show you how to make a super cute, inexpensive, mailbox for valentines and love notes.

With Valentines Day coming up I knew I wanted to make something special for Eliza. I figured we would start decorating right after daddy's birthday each year (1-30). So starting on February 1st this mailbox will be one of the decorations out. It is a fully functioning mailbox, with a flag and slit in the front, for love notes! Each evening before bed daddy and/or I will write her a little love note for her to find in the morning. Whether it is telling her how much we love her, or praising her for a job well done. I understand she won't get it at this age, but when she is older I know she will love it!

So here we go!


Mailbox of some sort-I found mine in the Valentine section at Target for $5.
Ribbons-I bought 4 different spools
Hot Glue

To start, either buy or make a mailbox. Like I said, I found mine at Target, it even came with most of the decorations.

Since it was only $5 it wasn't the most sturdy so I went and hot glued all of the seams on the inside to reinforce it.

Next time to decorate! These were my supplies

Obviously you can decorate it however you want but this is what I did. I wrapped the ribbon all around the mailbox, gluing it as I went. I made sure to line up each different strand and glue it together.

Like I said, the mailbox came with its own embellishments so I used those as well.

The best part of it all is the Elephant it came with. I LOVE ELEPHANTS, so it was perfect to be on Eliza's mailbox.

Once you are all done gluing everything on, let it dry and Tada!