Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Monday Meal Plan-On a Wednesday

Well, I kind of dropped the ball this week on meal planning. I knew it was going to be a hectic week so I just decided to wing it. Mark will be gone for dinner a few nights because of meetings. The builder is coming over one night at dinner time, and a few birthday parties and Easter celebrations this weekend.

I did grab some ground beef to defrost so I know I have that if we need to grab it, but last night it was soups and sandwiches.

Since I don't have much planned, I thought I would throw up some new recipes I found!

Made these carrots last week, SO good!

Would love to try to make these fruit snacks for Eliza, she LOVES fruit snacks

Who doesn't love Cinnabun??

We are BIG bread people here!

Hopefully next week will slow down a bit and we can get back on our game! I am starting to really enjoy cooking. Eliza loves to help me! It is great mommy and me time. Kind of out of left field, but I just LOVE this little Kitchen Helper Tower, I definitely want to get one for the new house as we will have more storage.