Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Little Big Girl

By the time we move into the new house, Eliza will be about 2.5. I am so lost on what to do with her room.

She is one of few 2 year olds I know that is still in her crib. She has climbed out a handful of times, but the fall to the floor scared her enough to stop. I am ready for her room to be a big girl room, I am just not sure if she is. I also don't know if it is smart to have all of the changes at once with moving and a new room or if I should slowly do it. Our builder is AMAZING and will let us come by the house whenever we want, so I will get Eliza there often enough to be excited about the house. She LOVES our builder and is excited he will live down the road from us.

I always thought that I would use her furniture in her room for a few more years. I bought a transitional crib that is to be used as a day bed and full bed thinking this would be her forever set. Well, after seeing how she chipped it all up with toys and biting it, I think it is best to just pass it down to any future babies so they can tear up one bed together.

I started to search and I found this room that I LOVE.

I love everything about it. The wall color, the step stool, the bedding and especially the bed!!

I never thought that this would be my style but I love how clean and girly it is.

The paint color will be easy, any blue/turquoise will work, I will try to match it to the bedding I use.

The bedding will be easy to find, I have already set up an alert on Ebay for "Shabby Chic" bedding. I just love it!!

The bed has been a little trickier. The mom on this blog found her bed on CraigsList, unfortunately, no beds are like this on my local site.

I have found this set though, it even comes with a daybed option!

I love everything about it! Now to just decide if she is ready for a bed instead of her cage crib.

I would love any tips on how to transition a little one into a big kid bed! She knows how to open her door so I see her climbing out of bed and out of her room all day and night. Help!!