Friday, March 8, 2013

The Winter Blues

I have never been one to be bothered by the weather. I love the look of snow. I love to snuggle up in a blanket and drink hot chocolate. This winter though, it was different.

Being a stay at home mom is such a blessing, but at times it is a lot harder than others. I am not sure if it was the age or the season but this winter was tough for me.

Trying to keep Eliza occupied and engaged inside all day long was really difficult. I am hoping it is the age, but geeze this girl has some MAJOR a.d.d. My mom tells me it is the fact that she has SO many toys, she doesn't know what to play with, so she plays with it all.

Her playroom, you can't even see the closet that is filled or the storage unit

We have swim class and dance every week so those are good activities to get us out of the house, but the other days I am grasping for straws. By the time the weekend comes, I want OUT! Unfortunately, Mark is so happy to have a few days at home, he doesn't want to go anywhere. It is definitely a compromise each weekend. I usually go somewhere alone.

I am exhausted all day long. I take a nap almost everyday when Eliza does. I am sure much of it is my diet but I know the lack of physical activity adds to it as well.

But today, I saw a great thing! A sign that said "12 days until Spring"!! That means 12 days until we are able to go to the park. Go for a bike ride. Look for birds. Go to the zoo, and so many other activities that are just so much more enjoyable when the weather is warmer!!