Thursday, April 11, 2013

House Update!

Well, unfortunately...there is no house update. We are just sitting here waiting and waiting. The frost laws are still on in some of the counties so no way to get the machines in the neighborhood. We are hoping within the next week we will be able to start digging. I can't wait to see it all begin!

One good thing that has happened with the house, I got Eliza's bedding!! I found it on Ebay last night SUPER cheap. I have been searching forever and almost went and bought it at the store, glad I held out!

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find her bedroom set on CraigsList. I have found a lot of them on there that are cute, but nothing that I really LOVE. I was able to find a better deal on the bed set that I want, but it is still pretty expensive. I think I will start collecting donations and returning bottles.

A few other things we have picked. This kitchen, it is my dream, especially the sink!! The floors will be dark and the cabinets will be white. Love it.

Our builder sent me this photo last week. He is doing a house in another city right now and is working on the mudroom storage. Ours will be similar to this, but finished :) We will have a bench for the kids to toss all their stuff in and hooks for them to hang coats and backpacks. The top will have an area for baskets to store more stuff.

Hopefully we will have new photos next week of the property...with a big hole in it!!