Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday-Adding Pinterest Widgets

Lately I have been doing some updates on the blog. I wanted to make it more user friendly. I know I haven't posted many tutorials lately but I am hoping when the house stuff winds down I will get back to crafting!

I decided to add a few new widgets to the page, 2 of them are for Pinterest.

The first one is to have my board on the page. As you can see down a little to the right, you can see my latest pins from Pinterest. I have seen this on quite a few blogs and have really enjoyed seeing what they have pinned without having to scroll through Pinterest.

I also now have a widget that when you scroll over my photos, a P will show up and when you click on it, it automatically pops up to pin it to Pinterest. I LOVE this idea. So many times I am on a page and want to pin something and have to go through all of the pictures on their site for the one I want.

Here is the site I used for the tutorials. She explains it the best out of any of the sites I found, very user friendly!

What are the latest updates you have done? Any new widgets or gadgets that have made your blogging easier?