Sunday, May 5, 2013

Come Out Come Out....Wherever You Are

I'm here, I'm here!!

It has been quite a while since I have posted, life has been crazy lately.

We have closed on our house(not fun but done), packed up a lot of the house, HOPEFULLY found a rental house for the interim and started on the new house.

Lets start with closing on our house. Well, we definitely didn't get what we wanted for the house, but we view it as we are done, it is sold, move on. All we have wanted was out of this house, so we are just looking at it as a win! The closing was a NIGHTMARE our Realtor didn't show up so we had no clue what we were signing and no clue what to do. The title company had my name spelled wrong on all documents, and they were charging us for our association dues even though I had already paid them for the year. Luckily, the buyers are very nice and I am happy to pass it on to them.

Packing up, we have so much to still do but we are putting away the easy stuff. Picture frames are down, candles and nick-nacks wrapped and packed and extra dishes away. I will say, we might have packed a bit soon with some things, I have found myself searching for things in boxes, but it is only tape to replace so I am glad I label well. We are doing well with tossing things and selling things online to get rid of the stuff we just don't use.

We found a condo to rent, it is actually directly across the street from our current house. It was tough trying to find a rental. We don't know how long we will need it so having someone agree to a short term lease or month to month was rough. Lets also not forget about the dog! Luckily this guy is wonderful. It is the perfect size and lots of room for storage. It isn't any further away from Mark's job so that is always a plus too! We get to move in come June!

Last, but absolutely not least, they have started on our house!!! I swing by there a few times a week since I am out that way often and I love seeing the progress! So far we have a basement, walls and the plumber is coming tomorrow!

We seriously have the greatest builder!!

All she cares about is finding rocks

Update: So I feel like the worst mom in history. For the past week Eliza has been giving us a lot of issues with sleeping, whether it is night time or nap time she really fusses in her room. So much so that she has actually been falling asleep in our room from time to time which she has NEVER done. She always asks for her "specials" but we assumed it was just a tactic to get out of sleeping. She has a "special blanket" and a "special wooby" that she sleeps with each night, she has had them both so we were at a loss. Tonight, as I was typing this, she was struggling again to sleep. Mark went to check on her and told me all she wants is her "specials". I decided to go up and talk with her. I snuggled her up in her chair and asked her what was wrong:
"I just want my specials back"
"Eliza, wooby and blanket are right here"
"No, those specials" as she points to the wall.

My heart broke. Last weekend as we packed stuff away I took down the shelves in Eliza's room and packed up all of her nick-nacks. Pictures of us, special figurines, just little things. She helped me pack them and knows they are going to the new house. Apparently she is missing them. Looking back I realize how much she likes them. She talks to the pictures of Mark and I when she is settling herself to sleep. We always hear "that's you mommy, that's you daddy" as she lays there. It is her comfort, and I took it away.

First thing in the morning(only because she has finally fallen asleep) I will be unpacking ANOTHER box, and putting up all of her specials.