Sunday, May 19, 2013

What A Wonderful Weekend!!

The weather has been gorgeous! I can get a bit finicky about the heat, but as long as their is a breeze to keep me cool, I am happy!

Mark was out of town last week which left Eliza and I to fend for ourselves. Since I am home with her all day it isn't that different, but those 2 hours Mark is home to help with her at night, man how that helps.

With all of the changes going on around here, Eliza has been a bit clingy to her daddy. That sure made it tough for him to leave. As we left the car rental place where we dropped Mark off, Eliza just sobbed. "I want my daddy back!!". I knew I was in for it. She didn't sleep much at night, waking up often which is rare for her. We even slept together in my bed one night. She talked to Mark daily but that didn't seem to help, sometimes only made her more sad.

Then, Thursday came and all was right in her world again.

This weekend we spent as a family. We always cling to each other a little tighter after Daddy has been gone.

She can't go anywhere without her stick and an apple 

Eliza had her Ballet Recital pictures on Saturday morning. Gosh how this little girl has grown up! Parents weren't allowed to go in the room during pictures so when it was her turn I pulled her aside and said "OK, you're turn. Listen to Ms Ginny(her teacher) and give them a big smile!". After just a minute she came RUNNING out "I did it Mommy! I did it all by myself!!". Tears streamed down my face. Not because of the picture, but the sense of pride she had in herself. What an amazing little girl we have.

Saturday night we headed to our favorite park. I will be kind of sad when we move, it will be out of our way to come to and we have a much bigger one near our new house. This park has just always been so quiet and peaceful. A lot of fun memories there.

Sunday was church in the morning, Eliza refused to leave. She was having so much fun with her friends and her teachers. They are such a blessing. As we drove toward the new house Eliza said, "Can we please go back to Church now?", oh how I love her.

We wanted to get a few pictures of the new house before they start framing next week. It will really start to look like a house!


Quick workout 

Her favorite spot, hiding in the panic room

Oh how I love this view!!