Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oh The Tough Decisions

Well, we have internet finally, thank you Lord, but now no cable. It is a never ending story!! Mark has been out of town this week and that makes me very nervous. New house, new noises and no t.v. to fill the background silence.

I have been playing on Pinterest and trying to find Eliza's big girl furniture. I have been searching Craigslist for months trying to find a cheaper set for her, ya know we have a lot of expenses coming with this house, would be nice to save a few bucks.

Unfortunately, I am pretty darn picky and have not been able to find a set I love. Today I found this set at Art Van. 
It is perfect. It is very girly, she can grow with it as she gets older and it has a lot of storage. Now for my dilemma...I already bought her the bedding set I LOVE and I bought a twin set.

I always planned on getting her a twin with a trundle but when I went and looked at the set today, the full was just so much nicer. I would just return the bedding except I bought it on ebay. I could easily just resell it, but I am not sure if I should.

I would love opinions on whether you feel a twin or full is better. I had a twin until I moved out of my house and never had an issue(had a trundle for friends) so I don't see a big deal with size, just not as....fancy.


Mrs. Weber said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I say it's all about what works best in the room! I am doing twins for the girls eventually, but mostly because the rooms aren't huge here.

Also, just keep in mind whatever you do, you set the precedent for baby #2 ;)