Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Playing Catch Up-Memorial Day

So I am a bit behind. We have been so busy lately I haven't even posted about our Memorial Day weekend.

We started off at the St Mary's Fair. I have been going since I was little but haven't been since High-school. I knew Eliza would just love it.

We got there right when it opened so the crowds weren't too bad. She had to start off by getting an air brushed tattoo. She insisted on a mermaid like she got at Sea World.

She was confused thinking it was going to be on her face but was still happy with it when it was done.

Mimi even joined us!

We then went into the ride part of the fair. I was kind of disappointed that there weren't many rides she could do by herself, but the wonderful dad that she has agreed to go on all of the rides with her(since I can't).  We choked down $50 for wristbands for the rides and they went to town. I don't think the two of them have ever had so much fun together. Mark took her on all of the spinning rides I can't go on, you could hear her laughing from the ground. They took a trip up the Ferris Wheel, which gave me a heart attack, and then she found the Frog Ride. I am not sure there was anything better in this world than the Frog Ride at that moment. She went on it a total of 5 times and showed all of the kids how it is done!

Monday morning Eliza and I got out bright and early for a local Memorial Day Parade. Mark had hurt his leg running and wasn't able to join us. We had some great girl time together!

When she saw the service dogs

The motorcycles roaring by

 She even made some friends at the coney after we left the parade. She is fearless

Thank you to all of the troops who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of this little girl.

Saluting the Troops as they go by