Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Eliza and a HALF

Eliza Marie-

I can't believe you are 2.5, that seems so much older than 2! It is practically 3.

I wish I had a video camera on you all day long, the things you do and say just kill me!! You have the GREATEST sense of humor in history. I swear there is no other kid that says and does the things you do.
Making faces at me from daddy's car

Lately we have been trying to tell you that you are now 2 and a half, seems we have confused you though. You still say you are 2, but your name is now Eliza and a HALF. We crack up whenever you tell someone your new name. A guy asked you how old you were yesterday and you said "7" so matter of fact. I don't know where you get this stuff.

You are becoming very independent, you want to do it all yourself.

Putting on/taking off your shoes
Drinking from a real cup
Walk Zander
Even take a shower by yourself.

You have been struggling with sleeping lately. You wake up at night and then wake up super early. You also are VERY crabby when you wake up from your naps. I am not sure if you are still getting used to living at the condo, if it is the age, or you are just a stinker. Momma needs her sleep!! I have found that if I go in there and give you some books it definitely helps you calm down. Hopefully when you have your big girl bed you will be able to get up and get some books on your own...but not sneak out of your room.

The way you already love your sister, it melts my heart. You share your toys with her, you offer her your food, and you love to feel her kick. You love to pick out special things for her. You are so excited for when she is here, I hope that excitement never goes away.

I have really started to research preschool for you. I can't believe I just said that. We have found a great new preschool program at our local church, I think it will really benefit you. With your sister coming this winter, I think it will be good for you to have some time to yourself, and mommy and baby will have some bonding/nap time too! You will do 2 half days a week, just enough to learn and play with your friends, but not miss nap! We are going to have you evaluated to see if you can start off in the 3 year old room or if you should stick it out with the 2 year olds this year. Silly late winter birthdays!! Man, what will you wear for your first day of school?

I wish I could remember all of the funny things you say, I really need to write them down throughout the month so I don't forget them. One of your new ones is saying "Absolutely!", it cracks me up. Eliza, can you hand me the cup, ABSOLUTELY!! As I type this you went over to your daddy's chair and started to climb up the side. You said to me "Daddy says I don't climb this", I said "You're right, don't do it" you then proceeded to climb it anyway and said "Yea, but daddy at work!". Oh I have my hands full with you monkey!

On a recent trip to the new house, the workers were installing the insulation. There was stuff EVERYWHERE! That night I was on the phone with our builder and you asked if you could talk with him. I handed you the phone and you said "Deni, your guys are making a mess! They need to clean up!". My child, you are too funny!

At the farm this week you loved introducing yourself to all of the animals. "Hi piggy, I'm Eliza!". You love introducing yourself to people and asking their names.

Cooling down after the farm

She met a new friend
You love to tell EVERYONE that your daddy is your best friend. I sure hope that never changes