Saturday, July 20, 2013

Eliza's Big Girl Room

Since I gave you a sneak peak at what we will be doing in Little Lady Bug's room, I figured I would show you Eliza's room too!

Like I mentioned, we found a bedroom set for Eliza. I wish I would have saved the pictures from CraigsList but they took it down before I could snag them. The set is currently in storage so I guess it will just have to be a surprise!

We decided to do a full bed vs the twin, mostly because I found such a good one, it even came with a trundle bed!! We were able to snag a great deal on her duvet cover thanks to a sale and a coupon. We stuck with the same bedding as I had planned before.

These pom-pom pillows will really add texture to her bed

The bedroom set came with the cutest night stand, it even has pink glass rose drawer handles! How adorable would this lamp be next to her bed. I think I would do it all white with light pink flowers around the shade

I realized I did have this picture of the night stand, not a good picture though. I found this Pottery Barn alarm clock for $2 at a garage sale, so sweet.

With the thought that Eliza will be starting preschool soon(that deserves it's own post) I think we will need a little organization with mornings. I am NOT good at getting up and going so having a space to hang her outfit the night before will give me some help

I want to do her room in a light blue. As I mentioned, I am over all pink walls. I don't want the room to be overdone with blue(walls and bedding) so I think I will try to accent with the pinks and whites from the bedding. This is the blue I am going for

She needs a growth chart too!!

As long as these block out all of the light the sun has EVER produced, I think we will go with these shades for her window. She definitely needs a dark room to sleep

I am still trying to decide what kind of decorations to do on the walls. We will be bringing over the shelves from her nursery and her "Love you to the moon and back" frame we got her on our babymoon, but other than that I am lost. I don't want to do vinyl again as it broke my heart when I had to take it down and couldn't save it.

Any ideas??

You can find all of the original posters, or stores, these photos came from over on my Pinterest page.