Friday, July 26, 2013

House Update!

We are moving right along! I go back through my pictures and I am shocked to see how far we have come. The last few weeks were kind of boring for photos. Taking pictures of electrical wires and plumbing pipes wasn't too exciting. After the rough inspection was completed they started FLYING. Insulation-Drywall-Stone. It is amazing!!

Here are some pictures from a few weeks back:

Recessed lighting in the Great Room

Arched walkways to the kitchen

The girl's playroom

Mommy! Look at this big bed Deni made me!!(it's a pile of drywall)

Here are pictures I took this week!

The Great Room drywalled

The bridge and entrance to Eiza's room and the playroom
She loves her new room!

If it keeps up at this pace, we will be moving in no time!! I can't wait to start picking colors for flooring and counter tops!