Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Blueberry Baby

One thing I can always get Eliza to eat is blueberries. Anything blueberry flavored, she is in. It makes me laugh because they might be my absolute least favorite fruit.

Last year we went to pick some at a local farm called Hazens Farm and with the nice cool weather this week we decided to go again.


Here she is hanging at the blueberry farm!!

Today is one of those days that God reminded me that I am doing something right with her. Some days I question the mom that I am, I think a lot of us do, but not today. She was SO polite to everyone she saw, ran up to talk to kids without needing encouragement and was just so sweet.

For example: On the car ride home I was explaining we needed to go home and wash and dry the blueberries then we could eat them. When I said eat them I said nom-nom-nom and pretended to eat some in my hand, she responded with. "Whoa whoa, it's ok, calm down, deep breath in and out, there ya go, good job, let's talk about it". It cracked me up. I try very hard to talk her through when she is upset and apparently she thought I was upset with my attempt to eat blueberries.

We stopped off for a slush as a reward for our hard work. While driving she said she was all done and handed me the cup. I told her she had a lot left and she said "no, I need to save some for daddy when he comes home". Melt my heart

Do you enjoy picking your own fruit? I am hoping to do some more as the summer goes on!