Sunday, July 28, 2013

Nap Time Finds

Today while Eliza napped and Mark worked, I decided to take a trip to our local Marshalls. I LOVE that chain. You can find the cutest stuff at the greatest prices(Is that their slogan??).

As I have mentioned, not being able to set up the girls rooms right now is pretty tough. I do know that Eliza's room is my main priority. Having to move for the second time in just a few months will really throw her, then add in a whole new bedroom set and no crib! I have a few things left on my list for her room. Sheets-Curtains-Lamp and knick-nacks. I was able to knock a few things out today!

Look at my great finds!!

LOVE this elephant frame that matches Lady Bug's room perfectly! Only $10

Two sets of sheets for Eliza's bedroom. I wish I could have bought the ones that coordinated with her bedding, but both of these sets cost less than HALF of the Pottery Barn Kids set. Both for $35

Remember when I said I wanted to make this rug for Eliza?? I found it at Marshalls! $16 and didn't take me hours to make. I grabbed one for Lady Bug's room too. I figured right in front of their beds would be cute, they are about 3x4 so a great size!

I am still not 100% sure what the decor of their bathroom will be, but for $14 I couldn't pass up this adorable curtain. Looks like I am going with grays and pinks...

I still have a few things to locate, I will be on the search for a lamp to refinish tomorrow at Salvation Army, but I am feeling a little bit more prepared!