Friday, July 12, 2013

Oh Little Bug, What Will You Be??

Here we are, days away from the half way point. I told Mark, "If this is my size halfway, I will be thrilled at 40weeks!" Unfortunately, I gain all of my weight the last 10 weeks.

So what does 20 weeks mean? Well, most of my sickness is long gone and the exhaustion is subsiding. This little bug kicks and rolls like it's a Cirque Du Soleil tryout, but the big thing about 20 weeks, gender ultrasound!!!

Well, we took a little shortcut on the way to 20 weeks. At 16.5 weeks we went and had an elective ultrasound done to find out! I was a nervous wreck. We had our plan of what we were hoping for. I know everyone says "as long as the baby is healthy", well of course. Who doesn't want a healthy baby? I don't believe there is anyone out there that doesn't have a preference, even if it's only a 51/49 split.

When we got to the ultrasound place I explained we were there for the gender ultrasound but we did NOT want to know. They were quite confused. I asked them to just take the pictures and write it on a piece of paper for us. They kind of giggled but agreed.

As I laid on that bed a million thoughts went through my head. We watched the ultrasound but I tried so hard to not look for the gender. She did a good job staying north but when it was time to check, Mark and I both covered our eyes. We got to watch Little Bug squirm around for a bit and even got a few 3d shots. I'll be honest, they aren't the cutest at 16 weeks! Kind of hard to see a person.

When we were done we went to check out and the girl at the desk was shocked we made it through without finding out. She said most people cave. I will say, I texted Mark while she was doing it and asked if he wanted to just know. Glad we were strong.

We got the paper with the gender on it over to our photographer Meg, and then set up plans to get our pictures done the next day. We decided we would have Eliza tell us the good news while Meg captured it all. With the struggles we had this time to get pregnant, I don't want to miss a thing. I want to capture it all, just like we did with Eliza.

The time came and we met up with Meg at her studio, she had the best setup for us. I will let the pictures explain...

Check back in tomorrow to find out if the newest member of our family is a little mister or miss!

Thank you again to Meg from Shone Foto for always capturing the perfect images of our family. PLEASE contact her if you are in the Michigan area. you will never be disappointed!!