Friday, August 23, 2013

A Few New House Photos

These aren't the best photos, I only had my phone on me instead of my normal camera.

These guys are rockin! When I go there, I rarely find less than 3 crews working, today was no exception. Inside the carpenters were hanging doors and doing the custom casings for the doors, outside the siding was going up and the driveway was being poured.

I know I have said it multiple times, but I truthfully have the greatest builder. He called to let me know they would be doing the driveway today and wanted to know if I wanted to come put Eliza's hand print in it. I jumped on the opportunity!!

I could watch them do this all day, such skill! So impressive

The cement truck was too loud!

This is our builder's dad. Couldn't ask for a sweeter man!! 

Had to include Emelia too! It isn't perfect, but it is perfectly us!

 Here is the siding on the house, I just love it!

I love my little pop out window for the kitchen. It turned out so good!

I love my garage doors! Wish you could see the detail better.
 The guys inside blow me away! The detail they do and watching the custom wood work go up is incredible.

This is such a terrible picture, I shouldn't even post it. It doesn't come close to doing the trim work justice! 

This staircase is incredible! I don't even have the words for it!

Watching the house come together makes me more and more anxious to get in there. I can't even imagine what it will look like in a week with how quickly they are working! Time is just flying by, pretty soon we will be in our FOREVER home!