Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hooray For Princess Camp!!

At the end of the dance season last Spring I signed Eliza up for Dance Princess Camp. We originally signed up for the month of June with the hopes of moving at that time(HA) but we ended up switching it to August so she could be with some of her friends from class.

I wasn't so sure how it would go. This would be the first time she was away from me for an extended period of time, drop off at 9 pick up at 12. She was the youngest in the class, this always happens because of her late December birthday. Luckily her teacher knew her from class and made the exception to let her in the class(it was a 3+) class.

I am SO happy we did it!!

Each day the theme was a different Disney Princess. Up first, Cinderella.

Cinderella even made an appearance! They made Princess wands, colored and learned a dance to one of the songs from the movie!

Tuesday was Pocahontas. We didn't have an outfit for her. It really made me laugh because out of the 3 of us, Mark was the one most upset that she didn't have it. He even had me calling the Disney store to put it on hold. We were having torrential rain that day and he wanted to drive an hour to buy it! I declined.  Instead, I went to the store, but a $7 mens t-shirt and made her an outfit myself!

This was our first attempt at a braid. Her curly hair is tough to get in there, but I think she looked adorable!

Her friend from dance class, Abby, also did Princess Camp, they sure love hanging out!!

Aurora was next. I was able to find this dress the same day I grabbed the Pocahontas shirt. It is a tad bit big but she has plenty of years to grow into it!

Thursday was Merida from Brave. I ordered the costume from Amazon, but when it came it was SO itchy. Abby's mom had mentioned that Costco had some costumes. After much convincing, Mark agreed to go up there(seriously this guy was going to drive an hour for Pocahontas 3 days ago!). We didn't have a membership but decided to sign up. We will need it for diapers and such for Emelia anyway.

Prepare yourself for the awesomeness of this costume!!

It still cracks me up!

Last but not least was Ariel, we also found this one at Costco. We are definitely set on Princess costumes for the year!!

I am so happy that we did this for her. She had a blast and her teacher told me how much she had improved with her listening and following directions.

At the end of last season we signed her up for fall classes. Again, we put her in the 3 year old class but the teacher told me if she was behind the other kids she would have to drop down to the 2 year old class. After seeing her at the camp, she said she would have no problem! :)