Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our Little Emelia

Thank you everone for the kind words about Emelia's name. As I mentioned, it wasn't something we had to spend much time thinking of. For years we have known we wanted an Eliza and Emelia. We didn't plan to have kids with all E names, and won't make it a priority with the future ones. I figured since they will be in the same size clothing, in the same season, we might as well spell it with an E since I have so much "E" stuff!

We actually decided to continue with the initials EME as well. Mark, Eliza and I all have the initials M-E in our name and we wanted to keep that. Eliza has mine and my mom's middle name and we wanted Emelia's to be just as special.

I have mentioned my Uncle Mike quite a few times. He is such an incredible person and we wanted to honor him. My bond with him is something I could never recreate.

He is so caring, trustworthy, loving and incredibly funny. I see him with Eliza and see him forming the same relationship with her, and I know he will do the same with Emelia.

We have decided to name her Emelia Michelle Ernest, just for him. We asked him if we could name her after him and of course, since she will be so awesome, he was more than willing. I showed him the ultrasound picture and he said "well, at least she already has my big belly", I hope she gets that sense of humor too!

When I was pregnant with Eliza, we always planned to call her Emmy from her initials EME, but it never stuck. I felt like that name was relevant, but just not for her. I think that will end up being Emelia's nickname. From her initials being EME and the way we spelled her name.

Our little Emelia Michelle :)

PS..voting is still going on for our balloon ride!