Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy First Day Of Fall!

With having most of our stuff packed in storage, I am so bummed that we aren't able to decorate the house for Fall. I absolutely love decorating for each of the seasons and holidays. We will hopefully be in our house in October, but I doubt decorating will be my first priority.

Here is a flashback to our Fall decorations we used last year.

Well, not the trimmings you are thinking, but the trimmings around the house. I decided to take some photos of our Fall decorations. I went a bit crazy at Hobby Lobby the other day. They discounted all of their Fall items at 80% off, I just couldn't say no!

So here is a look around our house:

Our foyer table, you can see how to make the shadowbox here

I found this on clearance at the local grocery store. $10!!
Not sure what feather trees have to do with Fall, but I LOVE it!

My copper pumpkins are the cutest!
Centerpiece I made

Cornucopia I made from picks at Hobby Lobby

I just love the banner in the back, I made it from this printable
Sorry for the bad phone picture...This frame is in Eliza's room, I got it at Hobby Lobby. I figured each season/holiday I will put in a new printable. It is an off white, not sure why it looks so icky in this photo.

The funniest part of doing anything, is always Eliza. I came home from shopping and asked her to help me put everything up. I gave her this little metal owl and asked her where it should go. She yelled "oh, I know" and went running. I come around the corner of our formal living room and here it is on the floor in the corner. "Right There!!!" she yells, and that is where it has stayed :)

Do you go all out for Thanksgiving/Fall, or does it kind of get looked over between Halloween and Christmas? Mark is home for a long weekend after Thanksgiving, I think we  I will take it all down and start on Christmas!!