Sunday, September 29, 2013

Oh My Love For You

We have had a rough few nights this week. Eliza has some sort of ick that is making it tough for her to sleep. I spend most of the night in her room with her, either laying on her floor or rocking her. This wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't just had a tetanus shot and feel my arm is going to fall off...oh lets not forget the fact I am 31 weeks pregnant and can barely sleep as it is!

Last night I brought her into our bed before Mark came to sleep. We were just talking and snuggling and I was hoping it would help her relax enough to be able to fall asleep.

After a few minutes, I shut my eyes in hopes that she would follow suit. She laid there quietly and then whispered


I didn't answer. That is when my heart melted.

Eliza rolled on her side, placed her hand on my cheek and whispered in my ear.
"I promise, I'll never leave you"
She kissed my forehead and rolled over.

I teared up. This sweet girl, even through all of her coughing and sneezing is still so happy and loving.

My love for you grows daily Eliza. You are so sweet, caring, funny and smart.