Friday, September 6, 2013

Trash To Treasure

I belong to quite a few Facebook groups for people to buy and sell their items. It is a great way to pick up items for Eliza and the house.

I recently saw this gem pop up and knew I had to have it!

I don't think most people would find this one too appealing, but I saw potential. I have wanted to get Eliza a step stool for her bathroom for a while. She has become so independent that she likes to brush her teeth and wash her hands on her own. I bought one and it tips over so easily that I never even put it in there.

I snatched that stool up for $5, I thought it was a great deal!!

I brought it home and cleaned it up. Just some cleaner and elbow grease helped a lot!

I used some spray paint to update the color and make it  a little brighter.

Did I mention that the top flips up for storage?? I am not sure what I am going to put in there, but I am sure Eliza will find a lot of treasures to hide in there.

I stopped at JoAnns and founds some cute little jewels to add to the look.

There are 7 separate designs on there, you just have to cut around the design. I cut them all out and laid them out to see how I would like it. I had to make sure that there weren't any in the middle of the stool for where they stand.

Once I had it all how I wanted it, I just pulled the design off the backing. I took a close up so you can see how the gems are all connected.

You can see that line of glue which is how they stick on the stool and stay in the pattern. It is super easy to peel off, but I will say when you get into the larger designs, they start to get tangled as you pull them off. It just takes an extra minute to lay it out.

Here it is all finished!

For under $10, I think it is great! I am happy Eliza will be able to have some more independence.

Do you enjoy Trash to Treasure projects?