Monday, October 14, 2013

A Lot Going On

That title explains it all. We have so much going on, and I will elaborate soon on some of it.

We have been very busy with the house, baby and life.

A few of my checkups lately have shown that Emelia is a little bit too small. She is currently only in the 11% and the doctors have been monitoring her. I go back again next week for another scan to see if she is getting a bit bigger. I sure do wonder though...if she is small where is all of this weight coming from??

The house has been delayed, again. Talk about stress. With the rate it is going, we might actually be bringing Emelia home in the rental condo. As much as I am grateful that we have a home, it sure isn't the ideal plan for us. All of our baby stuff is in storage right now and we planned to just unload it all when we moved. Well, since that might not be the plan, we are going to head to storage this week to start going through and looking for the essentials we will need if she comes while still here.

Eliza had her first encounter with a Bee this week. It was the most heartbreaking moment! We went to our local park which has a petting farm. They do hay rides and I decided to take her out in the beautiful weather. They were doing rides to the local pumpkin patch so we hitched a ride. It was about 15 minutes to get out there and we weren't off of the tractor 4 minutes and she got stung. The bee got caught in her hair and sunglasses and as she tried to swat it away it stung her right in the middle of her forehead. Praise The Lord she is not allergic(we did not know) as it took almost 30 minutes to get back to our car.

Unfortunately, she is now terrified of pumpkin patches, the farm and ANY bug. This has put a damper on our Fall plans but we are hopeful it will fade soon!

Celebrating a friends birthday

Driving home, I look back and see this. She is so weird, and I love everything about it.

Again, sorry for being a bit behind this week. A lot on our plate. You will hear from us soon!!