Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Goodbye Our Big Buddy

This week may have been one of the hardest ones I have ever had to get through. We had to say goodbye to Zander, our big buddy.

I got Zander when I was 19 years old, much against my mom's advice. At the time I lived with an ex boyfriend and we already had one boxer so we thought it was good to get her a friend. Well, a month after getting him, we broke up. I came back to my parents house, Zander in tow.

That was a hard time in my life. My boyfriend was gone, my friends were mostly away at college and I was pretty lonely. I had my Zander though. We spent a lot of days just the two of us. He was my best friend.

When I was ready to move out on my own I felt safe enough to live alone because of him. I rented a 1 bedroom apartment and again we spent a lot of days just us. We spent many hours going for walks, playing catch in the tennis courts and chasing sticks.

While living at the apartment I met Mark. We quickly became a little family. Zander was always with us and would even come with me when I went to visit Mark at his apartment.

We rented our first house on a tree farm where he could run for acres. A lot of sticks to chew on, deer to chase and apples to eat.

We bought our first house with miles of trails to walk on. He helped us welcome Eliza home in that house and patiently waited for her to be big enough to play with. They have become best friends, just like him and I had been for so long.

Like many boxers, cancer became too much for him to handle, but I know that we got the best years of his life.

I will miss you so much my big buddy. Thank you for all of the fun times, snuggles, protection and listening ear. Thank you for being so good to my little girl, I know Emelia would have loved you just as much. I know we will see you again soon, I'm sure you'll be waiting with a tennis ball in your mouth.