Monday, October 21, 2013

Letters To My Love Bug

I am so excited to finally share the start of "Letters To My Love Bug" series!

Each month my friend Meg from Shone Foto has been documenting my pregnancy for me through photos. I wanted to make sure I had a photo of how I was growing and feeling and I also wanted one that included Eliza.

Meg always comes up with the most creative ideas, I LOVE it. Check out my first few months!!

9 Weeks

12 Weeks

16 Weeks

20 Weeks

24 Weeks

28 Weeks

32 Weeks

36 Weeks

40 Weeks

I will continue to update my letters monthly as I get our photos back.

Thank you Meg! As always, you give me a gift that I could never put a price on. These memories for myself and my girls will live on forever thanks to you!!