Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween Hoopla

Halloween in our house is usually a pretty fun time. I LOVE to decorate and pass out candy to the kids. Being in the condo put a bit of a damper on that. Not only do we not have the same amount of space, all of our stuff is buried somewhere in storage.

Eliza didn't understand the concept of Halloween but I tried really hard to let her pick out what she wanted to be. Her choice...Spider Girl. I love that she goes out of the norm for girl's costumes. I was able to snag the costume for $5 on Ebay brand new, even better!!

As we got closer to some of the Halloween events we tried to explain to her what it meant. It basically turned into, if you wear this costume, people will give you candy. She was ALL for it. Our town has a Halloween festival each year that we love to attend. They block off Main Street and all of the businesses come out with candy for the kids. It is safe and fun.

We prepped Eliza all day for it, she was so pumped. About 30 minutes before it started, the skies opened up. It was raining SO hard, even hailing at times. We realized we made the mistake telling her before hand that we would be going. We decided to chance it and head out. We got there just as it started and someone must have been looking out for us, it was a little drizzle but had really cleared up.

Our Marvel Family

She had a blast, she would run to each little booth and yell "Happy Tricky Time". We aren't quite sure where she got that, but it was all her own. After they gave her candy she would exclaim "Look Daddy, I got more candy!!". Even after the 30th store, it never got old!

On the actual day of Halloween it was raining again. I was so bummed, I really wanted to take her Trick or Treating. She had no idea what was going on so we just let it be. Last minute we decided to hit up a few houses. We switched up the costume, this time a cupcake(I can't believe I didn't get a picture). It was really warm, she even wore her footy pjs under it, and it had a hat. People just loved it and her special greeting!

She definitely understands what Trick or Treating is now...she just hasn't grasped the concept that it is only one day. She is still pointing out porches with their lights on...they might have candy!

Thank you to Beth from Sunbeam Photography. She offered FREE photos for kids in their costumes. You know me, can never pass up a good picture opportunity!!

That's my Spider Girl!!