Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The End Is In Sight!!

When we started the process of building the new house, I NEVER thought it would take this long. I am so incredibly thankful for the builder we have. He has given us an amazing custom house, but holy smokes this has taken a long time. Being pregnant while building a house might be the worst thing I have had to go through. Not only am I hormonal, I am not on my anxiety medication and I just obsess over everything!

Here we are though, nearing the end, we are moving in this week!! We spent this weekend moving stuff we could handle. Small boxes, clothes we don't wear and toys that aren't played with often. A moving company will be doing the rest. I am definitely not much help.

Poor Mark's body is shot and Eliza is off her sleep schedule completely.

One thing we made sure to do was get Eliza's room set up as much as I could. I want her to see it often, not just the day we move in and she has to sleep in a strange place. We let her help us set it all up and pick where things go.

My wonderful brother in law has been storing her bedroom furniture at his house(we ran out of room) and he brought it over for her on Friday. The local mattress store is going out of business and we got a killer deal on a new mattress for her. She loved testing them all out.

The delivery fee was $100 and they had the mattress in the store, there was no way I was paying that to go 7 miles. I have never drove with a mattress on my roof, and I am not sure I will again, but it made for some good laughs with Mark.

Once it was all set up she insisted on trying it out, I think she was happy.

While Mark unloaded the truck, Eliza made her self at home in the toy room.

Do you see her? She was so excited for her toys, she didn't even make it out of the closet.

Later on we pulled some boxes out for her. I think it was as overwhelming as Christmas morning.

While we were at the house, it was nap time. I didn't want to abandon Mark(I was providing moral support), so we told Eliza it was nap time. How would that go...

Just like everything with her, easy as pie.

Lets keep our fingers crossed that everything goes smooth and we are in and set this weekend. Baby Emelia is knocking at the door!!