Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday Throwback: Jingle All The Way Frame!

OK...I seriously don't know what has come over me with all of these Christmas decorations. I think it might be the fact that Eliza's birthday is only 4 days after Christmas, I want to get a lot of these decorations done so I can concentrate on her party. Here is a super quick, super cheap, DIY craft!

  • Vinyl/Stickers
  • Shadowbox Frame
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Bells
  • Ribbon
  • Mod Podge
  • Glue Gun/Glue

First take your frame apart. I decided to hang on to the original "picture" that was in the frame. It was cardboard and sturdy so I mod podged my scrapbook paper right to it. Remember, put the glue on the cardboard, not the paper or it will ripple. Let it dry about 15 min

Next pour in your bells and put the backing back on.

I used my Circut, like always, to cut out the words "Jingle All The Way". I put them on the glass of the frame. I was originally going to put them on the inside of the frame so SOMEONES little fingers couldn't pick at the stickers, but it didn't look right.

I then made a bow and glued it on with hot glue. When I went to buy the stuff for this project I never planned on having a bow. It wasn't until I got started, all materials taken out of packaging, that I saw a crack on the front of my shadow box. Instead of trying to go back, explain why it was out of the package and buy a different one, I decided to just make the bow. I am glad I did, it would have looked unfinished without it.

There ya go...simple and quick. Eliza loves to shake it and hear the bells Jingle!

What I would do different:
Pay attention to the size of the bells vs the frame. I bought a package of multiple size bells and the large ones are too big for the space inside the frame. They get stuck when the backing is on it. I put a few of them in there but took most of them out. I wish I would have just bought all medium size bells so they could roll all around. I also wish I would have hung one bell from the bow to make a Jingle on the outside.