Thursday, January 9, 2014

Emelia-One Month Old!

Emelia Michelle,

You are one month old! I can't believe it. Today you smiled for the first time at Mommy, Daddy and sissy. You gave us each our own genuine smiles. I absolutely love how much you react to your sister. When you hear her come into the room your eyes start going a mile a minute looking for her! She makes you smile the biggest smiles!! 

Other things you are up to:
  • You are up to 9 pounds and 21 inches
  • Still wearing newborn clothing
  • Still wearing newborn diapers
  • You get up about every 2 hours at night to eat
  • You love your swing and bouncy seat, not a fan of tummy time
  • You are really good in the car, you go everywhere with me

Just like when I was pregnant with you, I want to watch you grow each month. Our favorite Miss Meg is taking your picture each month to see you change.  Here you are at 1 month! 

Of course, I had to get sissy in there with you. I want to watch your bond grow over this next year.

Thank you Meg from Shone Foto for always capturing great photos. Also, thank you to Cara from Darling In Pink Party Boutique for the awesome monthly banner we are using in Emelia's photos. You can purchase your own banner here!! You can use the banners to document your pregnancy or your babies monthly growth. She also has different party accessories for any type of party.