Thursday, January 9, 2014

Someone Is A Big Girl!!!

For a few weeks Eliza had been mentioning getting her ears pierced. When we would go to the mall we would go past the little shops and offer to take her in but she always said it would hurt too much. 

We never wanted to push her into it, especially because I know she isn't good with pain, so we would just say "OK, if you ever want it done, let us know".

The day came this week, she decided the pain was worth it. We tried a few days to get them done but we had a few snow storms and were stuck at home. 

Saturday we were able to find a place that was open. It is a cute little girls salon where they have parties and can get your hair and such done.

Eliza was aware of the pain but negotiated a new Princess out of the deal if she didn't cry.

She picked out some pink star earrings and hopped up on the chair. They marked her ears, had me double check and then we went for it. Luckily they had two girls do it at once or I think we would be rocking only one earring.

Before they even did it, I was already crying. Not at the big girl moment, but the fact I knew she was not prepared for the pain. 

She cried, definitely cried. One of the guns got caught on the back of the earring so it took an extra second and an extra pull on her ear. But this place is on their game, they were ready and waiting with a lollipop. That definitely helped. They then offered to spray her hair with glitter...getting better..and even let her go up to the big runway mirrors to check it out...tears were gone!! 

She pulled at my heart strings and convinced me she needed a new unicorn stuffed animal they had there as well. We snagged a set of blue butterfly earrings for the future as well.

I am so proud of my big girl! She loves to check herself out in the mirror and even had to announce to her classmates at school today that she had new earrings. All the girls wanted to come see.

Good Job Liezy!!